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2014 "Home"
5:20 min
SEE VIDEO on youtube
90 photos sligthly animated from the beautifull city Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland. It's a cold cold world
2012 "Boom Town"
7:30 min
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The video alternates between two image types: the sober recording and abstract imaginative. The video points out Svågerstorp as a typical urban space and reflects on the force with which contemporary consumerism manifest itself in the tectonic articulation. The images presents a shopping town, a town with no unifying center, without town squares or inhabitants.
The video was showen at Holstebro Art Museum, in the programme: Video on the Edge
"Dream On"
3:30 min

"Dream On" has no storyline but exists in a space between dream and reality. The flowering cherry trees express transience, beauty and anxiety. "Dream On" is about the first light of spring and the desire to let it all in. To stare at the sun till it hurts.
2011 "Bird Scape"
5:50 min
The video consist of ca. 150 photos of bird nests, animated into a hypnotic trip. Installated in the room the video will effect the viewers balance and nerve. The video is also a powerfull celebration of beauty and nature.
2009 "Forest Path"
4:00 min
Every family has ghosts as long as you remember deceased. The video is presented in the compilation "Ghost" produced by Fast Video
  "Wellcome to Biri"
16:00 min

The isolated village Biry receives visitors from Europe for the first time. It calls for a celebration. The young men load their hand build guns with homemade gunpowder. The drummers lead the party up through the narrow paths of the hill-top village to a small square between rocks and houses. The dance begins and the gun salute echoes in the mountains.
  "The Blacksmeths at Market Medina"
19:00 min

At the Medina market the rubbish is sorted and selected by its aesthetic and functional value. The colors and decoration of old cans decorate the new household tools created by the smiths. The cover of an oil barrel is suitable for creating a wok. Tires are burned and the threads of metal are turned into small charcoal burners for preparing tea.
  "Festival au Desert"
12:00 min

The nomads of the dessert invite the world to celebrate their culture for the ninth time. The most privileged of the world meets and parties with the poorest in the third world at one of the most hostile places on this earth. On the surface it looks like a postcard. But to walk in the sand is as exhausting as walking in snow.
2007 "The Turn"
2:42 min

A simple drive in a car is here made into a travel of significant importance for the spirit, and a transport between dream and reality.
The video is a part of the compilation "Reflection" Fast Video 2007
1:46 min
Video made of app. 300 photos of me. In a period of 3 years I have photographed myself on different situations.
The video is shown at the National Portraet Gallery at Frederiksborg Castle and Hafnarborg Kunstmuseum, Iceland
2006 "Torden"/"Thunder"
12 min videoloop for installation

A harrowing thunderstorm seen from my balcony - captured on video and photo. The soundmix is made by Jakob Draminsky Højmark
The video was shown in the exhibition "Thunder and Membrane" at Galleri Image, January 2006
  "Pere Ubu Pas De Deux"
7:10 min videoloop for installation

An excavator and its double is ballet dancing, while eating a house.
The video is shown in the exhibition "Pere Ubu Parafraces" at Silkeborg Bad Oct. 2006 and Kastrupgaardsamlingen March 2007
  "Penguin Dreams"
3:28 min

Penguins have a secret dream of flying. In the zoo they have a nice view to the trees and other birds. The video is a part of the compilation "Digital Beasts" from Fast Video 2006
2005 "Fish Baroque"
12 min videoloop

The fish in the pond at Singapore Airport have all the time they need to just look decorative.The video was exhibited at Fast Video, February 2005
  "Capra Capra"
4:24 min

The cute African goats are fighting to keep thier possision in the hierarcy and to reestablish the harmony. The video is a part of the compilation "Conflict and Others" Fast Video 2005
  "The Beauty of Powerfull Argumentation"
1:32 min

The bliss of marriage. A Collaboration with my husband. Peter Land
The video is a part of the compilation "Conflict and Others" Fast Video 2005
2004 "Backstage Tourism"
5:44 min
A strange feeling of not beeing invitet to the party. A comment on the election about reunion of Cypern 1. of May 2004 and the participation in EU. The video is a part of the compilation "Turisten///Turism" Fast Video 2004

"Pixie Polka"
1:13 min

Merry X-mas. A Collaboration with my husband. Peter Land
The video was shown for a christmas calender at
  "Just a Game"
4:02 min
Boys are boys - and thise boys play football with a paperball. The music is from Lebanees R.E.G. project.
From The Syria Collection, shown i.e. the exhibition "Images of Syria" 2006
  "Meeting Manar"
6:08 min
A joyful meeting with a very lively young woman.
From The Syria Collection, shown i.e. the exhibition "Images of Syria" 2006
  "The Dove"
3:26 min
A dove alone and a flock over the houses and mosks of Aleppo
From The Syria Collection, shown i.e. the exhibition "Images of Syria" 2006
  "No God but God"
8:14 min
A strange meeting with some sufi's from a village in Syria. Astonishing rituals are performed by the men and boys from the clan.
From The Syria Collection, shown i.e. the exhibition "Images of Syria" 2006
2002 "The Knights"
2:12 min
Some young boys are challinging gravity on their motorbikes
Shown in the collection of
  "Still Masks"
8:00 min
"Still Masks" is a videoloop made for an installation at the Middleage Castle Spøttrup, Denmark, for the project "Estafette son". The material is close up of stones and walls, then mirrored to create strange masks from the past



"Estafette son installation"
3 x 11:00 min
This is a videoloop made for an installation at the Middleage Castle Spøttrup, Denmark, for the project "Estafette son". The material is close up of stones and walls, and other images of everlasting materials from the castle. Displayed on 3 monitors. In cooperation with Karen Thastum and Tura Ya Moia
2000 "The Violinist"
4:00 min
The violinist is an old man with a limited repertoire. Playing music from his homeland maybe, trying to make ends meet.
1999 "En søndag på Amager"
4:10 min
"A Sunday at Amager" is a video describes the dull atmosfaire in my childhoods neigborhood. On this particular day all the cars drowe backwards. Music by Jakob Draminsky Højmark
1998 "Sun-settings"
15 videos of various length

The "Sun-setting" is a video installation/sculpture made of severel recordings of sunsets from different parts of the world. The collection is still expanding.
1995 "The Black Beatle"
3:00 min
One take video of a beggar twisting and shouting in the streets of New York. The slow motion effect is used to emplifie the expression of him and the by passers. "The Black Beatle" is presented on the compilation "Time-slice" from the Royal Academy in Copenhagen
1994 "Sunstroke"
ca. 5:00 min
One take video of rape flower moved by the vind. The colours are extreemly saturated and the movement are slowed down. Soundtrack is made of Balinees Barong music and the wind
1993 "The Tube"
8:29 min
A cooperation with Jacob Fenger from the art group SUPERFLEX. A documentary from a trip to Norway with a 4 meter long red tube
  "Honey Ponies"
5:11 min
The cars are fast and the girls are beautifull. Nothing can go wrong in the compagny of the Honey Ponies - singing about the boys from New York City.
  "Rythm from Outer Space "
ca. 12:00 min
Abstract video made for installation with a metronome. Produced on S-vhs af the Academy of fine arts - Copenhagen
1992 "Port Bort"
ca. 9:00 min
Scratch video about a sailors problems af navigation between dream, memory and reality. Performed by Gorm Neergaard and produced at The Danish Filmworkshop.
  "I Think I am"
ca. 6:00 min
Scratch video about inner images meeting the reality. Performed by Stine Sylvestersen and produced at Haderslev Videoworkshop.

"My Neighbor is a Bear"
28:00 min

Documentary made in co-oparation with Stig Bilde and the TVKurt, a local TV from Copenhagen in Riga, Latvia.
Also staring Juris Poskus, who tells about the Riga history and the occupation from USSR
ca. 6:44
Fascinated by the fall in the parks of Copenhagen. Colourfull video with a unique remix of Ravel's "Bolero" by Claus Rynt Petersen. Graphics made in a Amstrad by Max Molox. Camera and edit by me.
1990 "They didn't Expect Nezhdali "
35:00 min
Documentary made in co-operation with Jørgen Lyd Nielsen in 1990.The film revolves around the members of the Tallin-based, Russian music group NEZHDALI, and their music.The video is filmed in Hi8, and edited on betacam. A part of the NEXT STOP SOVJET project.
  "9 stolen Poems"
10:51 min
9 poems using the scratch-tecniks to tell about Europa and the soft cold war in Denmark from 1945 til now (means 1989) "9 Stolen Poems" was created as a part of an international workshop of young film- and video-makers from East and West taken place in Aarhus
1988 "Hjernevrider"
4:56 min
Performing with Jakob Draminsky Højmark in the duo "Zoo mellem 1". Filmed by Erik Slentø and edited me.
  "Anoxia Cerebri"
2:51 min
The guys are playing in the wordrobe of Wurst in Copenhagen. Wild! The fascinating effects is created by a colourd filter helt in front of the linse. Filmed and edited by Erik Slentø and me. Musicians: Red Barnet Basil, Jan Munkvad and Danny O
1987 "Liberace" and "Mary-Ann"
by Master Fatman"
4:58 min
My very first video made in cooperation with Erik Slentø in the legendary underground club of Copenhagen, named "Ammageddon". It is filmed on high8 and edited on Umatic lowband. Musicians: Red Barnet Basil, Jan Munkvad and Master Fatman


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